Wound Care

Wound from Mountain Lion

Surgical and non-surgical wound care is provided for most acute lacerations, chronic lacerations and puncture wounds. Whether you need emergency care or follow-up visits at your farm or if you will bring your horse to our clinic for outpatient care, short-term or long-term care, we will gladly provide whatever assistance is needed through the wound healing process. If your horse already has proud flesh, we can offer you non-surgical or surgical treatments, as well as skin grafting with punch grafts if needed. If you are not sure what your horse needs, or you simply have some questions, send us a digital photo by email and our veterinarian will provide a complimentary consultation.

Since wounds are one of the most common equine emergencies, learn how to minimize the risk of injury with safe housing, fencing and compatible pasture mates. Refer to our Emergencies section for helpful information on first aid for wounds and have the supplies you will need for wound care on hand. Prepare your own first aid kit or purchase the NPEC First Aid Kit.

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Tissue Removal Wound after Surgical
Irrigation of Wound Bandaging


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