Ultrasonography and Radiography

Taking X-ray of lower limb

Ultrasonography is utilized to image soft tissue structures. With our portable ultrasound machines, ultrasound examinations can be performed in the clinic or at your stable to evaluate:

  • Reproductive tracts
  • Bladders and genitor-urinary tracts
  • Swellings
  • Eyes
  • Tendons and Ligaments

NPEC offers conventional radiography to study the bones and joints of the foot and limbs, up to and including the elbow and stifle, the skull, the necks of smaller patients and chests of foals. Our X-ray machine is portable and can be taken to your stable. The films are then taken back to the clinic to be developed. X-raying patients at the clinic eliminates delays that can occur if additional X-rays are needed and allows our veterinarian to begin appropriate treatment at the same visit.


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