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September 2018

I was so impressed with the treatment and care that my horse had received from Dr. Johnson and the staff at NEPA equine Clinic in Thompson, PA! Dr. Johnson took care of my horse like she was her own. Indy was treated for a uterine infection caused by a conformation flaw. Indy was at the clinic for 6 days through the entire healing process, receiving uterine flushes every other day until she was clear of infection. I had the awesome opportunity of observing the second treatment and even assisting slightly, which I absolutely loved, and Indy didn't mind at all, she was relaxed through the whole process. Dr. Johnson took the necessary steps to ensure the infection would not be re- occurring. Indy was was like a brand new girl when she came home to me. Groomed, healthy, and fresh. I am so happy! Dr. Johnson is intelligent, honest, kind, and financially fair. A perfect recipe for HAPPY horses and owners alike. I will definitely be working with Dr. Johnson and the clinic services again!! You should too!!

Jackie Albano
Beech Lake, PA

November 2017

Dr. Johnson's knowledge of the equine and personal interest in my horses have been very comforting during trying times. Her insight and direction have been spot-on with the various circumstances I was faced with. Over the several years of artificially inseminating my mare, Dr. Johnson has proved to me that she is not only a top-notch veterinarian but a great friend. Proud to have her serve my farm!

Rev. Raymond Petts
Centurion Morgan Horse Farm
Nicholson, PA

May 2017

Bryn Mawr Riding Camp is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Johnson as our veterinarian. She provides excellent and detailed care to our 40 horses, and takes the time to get to know each one's individual needs. She has done everything for us ranging from routine check ups to lameness workups and emergency work. In times of emergency, Dr. Johnson has always been readily available to help, and has acted quickly and calmly in life-threatening situations. Dr. Johnson and her staff provide excellent quality of care for our horses, and we cannot thank NEPA Equine Clinic enough!

Emily Vasas
Director, Bryn Mawr Riding Camp
Honesdale, PA

March 2017

I have used Dr. Johnson's veterinary practice since 1996. She has always been compassionate to both myself and my horses. Her level of skill, and dedication in the field of veterinary medicine is only surpassed by her intelligence.

Karen L. Myers
Myers Equine Center LLC.
Binghamton, NY

March 2016

Dr. Ellen Johnson has been our veterinarian for over thirty years. My horses are family to me and it's extremely important to me that they have the best care available. There are many reasons why I feel Dr. Ellen is the best, and first and foremost is her kindness and compassion. Each horse is an individual to her and she handles each one in a patient, capable manner. She is available in emergencies and accessible when I have questions and concerns about my animals. I've also been very impressed by Dr. Ellen's commitment to staying on the cutting edge of equine medicine and treatments by attending conferences and seminars to learn about advances in the field. She also has a network of specialists she can consult in unusual cases, although she has many years of experience with a wide variety of horses herself. With the addition of her new facility a few years ago, it's been wonderful to know that we now have a modern equine hospital in our area, with Dr. Johnson and staff on the premises. When Dr. Johnson is working with you and your horse, she takes her time and gives all her attention. I have had experiences over the years where I know Dr. Ellen has saved my horses with her care and expertise. I would recommend her to anyone who is new to the area or new to horses. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Missy Chapman
Binghamton, NY

March 2016

I have known Dr. Ellen Johnson for approximately 25 years. During that time Dr. Johnson has provided me with both routine as well as emergency care and treatment for many horses. I have seen Dr. Johnson maintain the utmost of composure, respect and the ability to utilize her wealth of knowledge to manage some pretty serious emergency cases. Her compassionate nature is second to none, and when decisions have to be made I know that I can trust Dr. Johnson's advice and expertise. In addition to her many great qualities she possesses as an equine vet, she is also very well known as the vet to call for any wounds requiring sutures, as her suture skills are very precisely done. As a caretaker to 25+ horses, I highly recommend Dr. Johnson's veterinary expertise to assist fellow horse owner's with any routine or emergency care they may require.

Jennifer Joines
Unity Stables
Montrose, PA

March 2016

It has been my pleasure to be a consulting surgeon for Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic since founding my practice in 2012. Dr. Johnson and all of her staff have been effective team members and provide efficient assistance with attention to detail before, during, and following a variety of surgeries. Most importantly, patient care and concern for the horse and their owners are always top priorities for everyone in the practice. Many types of surgeries are possible, either while the horse is standing sedated or under general anesthesia given the excellent facilities. There is a dedicated surgical area and stocks where procedures can be performed in a clean, well lit, temperature controlled zone. I thoroughly enjoy working with Dr. Johnson and her team and hope you will consider NEPEC for the healthcare needs of your horses.

Catherine H. Hackett DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVS-LA
Visiting surgeon and owner of Primus Equine Veterinary Surgery, PLLC
Ithaca, NY

January 2016

The team at Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic have been our exclusive providers of veterinary care to our horses for over 20 years. High quality care and technical expertise are important to us and Dr. Ellen Johnson's equine practice has consistently delivered that level of care to our farm. With 20 horses to care for, including miniatures, saddle horses, imported Friesians and Gypsies and ages ranging fro birth to 30 years old, we have a wide variety of needs. Dr. Johnson and her staff have proven to be excellent with all of our health care needs, whether that be normal routine care or emergency services. The NPEC Clinic facility itself, has been critical to the breeding part of our business, managing the inseminations for our mares, verifying stallion semen quality, providing care of our stallions and prgnant mares, and foaling. A wonderful benefit for horse owners! The facility is immaculate, with large safe stalls and paddocks, high quality hay and feed, and video monitoring and veterinary care onsite. With dozens of years in the equine business, the NPEC team is observant to any changes with the horses, and can readily implement veterinary action and any needed treatments. The site provides an excellent option for 'equine hospital' level care, with round-the-clock surveillance and expertise. We, at Winn Hill Farms, are very fortunate to have NPEC and Dr. Johnson as our choice for top level equine care.

Stephanie Freije
Winn Hill Farms
Port Crane, NY

January 2016

Dr. Johnson has been providing primary care for my Dressage Horses for nearly 25 years. My horses are working year round and travelling heavily during show season. They require optimal nutrition and preventative care to keep them sound, healthy and fit. I've earned many Regional and National titles from Training Level to Grand Prix on horses whose competitive lifespans have lasted into their 20's. We couldn't have done it without Dr. Johnson's help!

Dr. Tracy Durham, DVM
Vestal, NY

September 2014

Dr. Johnson,

I wanted to thank you again for taking such great care of my personal mount,Wyatt during our visit to the clinic. He was lame and no one that I consulted could give me an answer. When we drove up to the clinic, I knew that I had make to right decision to bring him to you. I was impressed with the cleanliness as well as the variety of services available at the facility. I was also impressed with your staff. They were friendly, engaging and checked on us throughout the entire visit, seeing to Wyatt's comfort as well as ours. Another thing that impressed me was the thoroughness of the exam and the fact that you continually offered explanation of WHAT you were doing and WHY as well as explaining the results of the testing as the examination progressed. Never did I fell rushed or uncomfortable during our appointment. I knew that my horse was in confident, competent and capable hands. Your diagnosis was exact.

Per your instructions I soaked Wyatt's feet just before my farrier (Bob Burns) arrived and Bob applied the corrective shoeing, again, per your instructions. 48 hours later no more lameness or tripping. At the risk of sounding anthropomorphic, Wyatt's eyes shine, he looks happier and he is back to energetically moving forward because, thanks to you, he is no longer in pain. I am grateful that you not only diagnosed his problem but also you will be available to follow his progression and care for him.

To those of you who are reading this letter, we are so impressed with the facilities and with Dr. Johnson's skill, and her calm, confident handling of my personal mount that our other 3 horses will be under her care in the future for all of their needs. Dr. Johnson is a skilled, competent and certainly capable professional who runs a well equipped facility that is designed to handle most equine services and emergencies. We are delighted and certainly thankful that we have access to this caliber of equine veterinarian care in the area. We look forward to working with Dr. Johnson in the future. Without hesitation we recommend her equine practice to our friends.

Mike and Kay Daley
Hi Horse Farm
Waymart, PA

August 2013

Dr. Ellen Johnson has been caring for my horses for several years. She is conscientious about returning calls, listens when I have concerns, and is always helpful. She is knowledgable and willing to teach an interested horse owner. Her top priority is the welfare of her patients. Though she usually makes farm calls, I have also had occasion to trailer a horse to her clinic. I have been well satisfied with the treatment provided. I was able to leave my horse there without reservation. The clinic staff is attentive to the horses' conditions and special needs. The clinic is about an hour from my home, a comfortable distance. Not many veterinarians are able to admit and monitor horses in a clinic setting. It is comforting to know that such good care by an equine practitioner is within reach when needed. Her gentle manner and technique have made it possible for even invasive procedures to be completed without sedating my horse. She is thoughtful in her care plan, ordering tests as needed, and reporting results promptly. I recommend Dr. Johnson to any horse owner.

Marion Shields
Clark's Summit, PA

November 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I state, Dr. Johnson has been the vet for South Wind Stable for 30 years. She has kept my lesson horses sound and healthy and has always been available for the weekend colics and other emergencies. Dr. Johnson has helped me with all my end of life decisions, helping me know when it was time to let go.

Roni McAbee
South Wind Stable
Binghamton, NY

December 1, 2009

Dr Johnson has been our veterinarian for many years and we are truly blessed to have her. She is the most skilled, professional, compassionate, caring and talented vet that I've ever dealt with. We would be lost without her insight, her dedication and her expertise. I recommend her highly to everyone. She is the ultimate horse vet!

Kim Keogh
Serendipity Stable
Kingsley, PA

January 25, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Our names are Bob and Lorna Burns. We moved to Honesdale in 1995 from Hunterdon County, New Jersey which is home to the United States Equestrian Team. We were eager for fresh horse territory to expand our Farrier (Horse Shoeing) and Horse Training and Breeding businesses. We saw the expanding horse population in northeast PA and moved here to re-locate our businesses.

Two dilemmas came to our attention immediately, one was a lack of Equine Veterinarians; the other, a lack of qualified and trained Equine Dentists. We soon realized personally our need for Equine Veterinary services, when our young stallion sustained an injury requiring over 150 stitches! We had no choice except risk further injury, transporting our injured horse to a clinic hours away.

A reputable local Horse Breeding Facility provided us with Ellen Johnson's contact information as a resource for our veterinary needs. Dr. Johnson had a wonderful reputation as an exemplary doctor, as well as a responsible practitioner. She graciously traveled the distance to our farm late in the evening (in single digit temperatures!) when we had this second mare's emergency, and saved the horse from certain death.

In New Jersey, we were used to an abundance of quality equine veterinary care. We were quite impressed with Dr. Johnson's scope of knowledge, helping us over the years with various ultrasound, x-rays and lameness issues; as well as her expertise in the field of equine reproduction.

The fact that Dr. Johnson went for continuing education for equine dentistry, proves her level of seriousness and commitment. Ideally, horses should have a dental examination every six to 12 months. Often times dental work requires the horse to be sedated, which sedation must be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Johnson's ability to perform both services eliminates the difficulty of coordinating schedules of the client, the veterinarian, and the equine dentist.

This area is desperate for someone of Dr. Johnson's qualifications, level of professionalism, and areas of expertise! There is not one local clinic available to horse owners, and the clinics which are within a few hours traveling distance have become very limited in the procedures offered and very expensive.

Dr. Johnson's personality is extremely client friendly. Three years ago Dr. Johnson made the long trip to our farm to quietly help in putting to sleep our ailing 12 year old Airedale dog, Garth, who been a member of our family since he was 7 weeks old. We would not have had ANYONE ELSE to help us with this task; she was compassionate and sincere.

We feel Dr. Johnson would be welcomed whole-heartedly in this community as the most available and knowledgeable equine based veterinarian. Her veterinary clinic would be a God-send for the horse owners in this area. We have no reliable help when it comes to dealing with the health issues and surgical needs that inevitably come along with horse ownership!

Bob and Lorna Burns
Honesdale, PA

February 2, 2009

Dear Ellen,

I am delighted at the prospect of you moving your equine reproduction practice to Northeast, PA. As you know, the breeding facilities available in this area are very limited.

As an equine breeder, I am currently making round trips of 5 hours plus consultation time with the veterinarian at Cornell University's Breeding Unit in Ithaca, NY. Depending on the number of mares being bred, this can often head to 8 or 10 trips, especially if there are return trips. I know there are many more people doing the same trip.

Having a breeding facility close to my farm would be of great benefit to me and indeed many more equine breeders in this area where there seems to be a growing number of horses.

I wish you the very best with your move and the future.

Yours sincerely,
Rachael Cox
Windfield Farm
Pleasant Mount, PA

January 29, 2009

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to give some insight for the need of an equine veterinary facility in the area of Thompson, Pa., Susquehanna County.

During the time we lived in Thompson, Pa we operated Sugar Run Farm as an equine care facility. We offered AI breeding at the facility and offered what we classified as interim boarding (short term).

We found while offering AI services, a number of horse owners were interested in having their mare(s) serviced by stallions from all over the country. These owners were hesitant to ship their prized show mare or their beloved family "member" hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away to be serviced at a stallion facility. Adding the stress, inconvenience and expense of long distance transport mare owners chose our location closer to home. The owners found comfort and savings keeping their mares at the Sugar Run facility for the AI procedures. Ellen L. Johnson, D.V.M. was the attending veterinarian. Dr. Johnson provided the finest in veterinary care and services for all the equines at the facility. We found that after the owners had their mares handled and cared for by Dr. Johnson, they wanted to continue having their animals treated by her. Most of the owners lived outside her normal client travel area. Many times we scheduled appointments at the facility so the owners could bring their horses and meet with Dr. Johnson for their horses veterinary care. Horse owners would transport their horses in some cases 40-50 miles to have Dr. Johnson treat their animals. Should Dr. Johnson take ownership of this facility, those horse owners would now be in her "normal" client area. I am confident that they would utilize the facility and her skill and expertise again.

I am confident that if Dr. Johnson chose to add this service to her list of equine services, many of our former clients would contact her to schedule reservations.

This type of facility in the skilled hands of Dr. Johnson can only become more successful than it has been in the past. There isn't another facility of this type within hours. Of the veterinarians nearest to the area, Dr. Johnson would be the only one to be solely an equine veterinarian. Many horse owners prefer to have their horses treated by equine veterinarians. Dr. Johnson taking ownership of this fine facility, with her training, skill and expertise, can only expand on the impact this facility can offer.

I believe Dr. Johnson with this facility would be a huge success!

Rita Slocum
Former Owner, Sugar Run Farm
Thompson, PA

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