Surgery and Post Operative Care

Surgery Room

Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic has a 12 ft. x 16 ft., heated surgery/recovery suite with a surgical scrub sink, prep area and operating room with impermeable shock-absorbing flooring, padded walls and a hydraulic surgery table. Wound repairs and general elective surgeries performed include: castrations, tumor removals, umbilical hernia repairs, posterior digital neurectomies, eyelid repair, enucleations (eye removal), periosteal transection, fractured splint bone removal. NPEC does NOT perform colic surgery or advanced orthopedic surgeries. When possible, treatment stocks are utilized for standing surgeries. Wound repairs and castrations are also offered in the field when needed and appropriate.

Dr. David Levine, a Board Certified Large Animal Surgeon from New Bolton Center is willing to provide additional surgical services at NPEC, such as cryptorchid castrations, inferior and superior check ligament desmotomies, conjunctival graphs and other eye surgeries.

Excellent care and monitoring of post-operative patients is provided at NPEC for our own patients as well as patients discharged from referral surgical facilities.

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