Supervised Foaling

Dr. Johnson attends to newborn

Pregnant mares are welcome to come to Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic for foaling, where they will be housed in large, safe, well-bedded stalls in a dedicated broodmare section of the clinic. Broodmares will receive excellent care, nutrition and individual turnout during their stay. As your mare nears foaling, she will be moved in to a 12 ft. x 24 ft. foaling stall with clean straw and placed on a 24-hour foal watch. The foaling process of each mare will be monitored and/or assisted by a veterinarian. In the unusual circumstance of an extremely difficult birth (dystocia) or if Cesarean section becomes necessary, emergency transportation to Cornell is available.

We recommend bringing pregnant mares to the clinic two to three weeks prior to their due date. Pregnant mares need to be up to date on their vaccinations, having received rabies vaccination within the year, the series of rhinopneumonitis vaccinations at months 5, 7 and 9 of gestation and a prenatal veterinary examination, 5-way vaccination and deworming one month prior to their due date. Incoming pregnant mares also need to have a recent negative Coggins test and should be up to date with farrier care.

If you choose to foal out your mare at home, be sure to schedule a prenatal veterinary examination one month prior to your mare's due date. Please carefully review "Notes of Foaling for Horse Owners" and have your questions and concerns ready to discuss with the doctor. On the prenatal visit, your mare will be vaccinated for the unborn foal's protection and the veterinarian will consult with you regarding preparations for foaling.

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