Purchase Examinations

Dr. Johnson evaluates horse under
saddle as part of purchase examination

While many horse professionals can help you evaluate performance or breeding merits, only an accomplished equine veterinarian can help determine the prospect's health, and identify any pre-existing conditions that may affect the life expectancy and intended use of the horse. The investment in a purchase examination will be small in comparison to the long-term cost of keeping and caring for a horse with health problems.

It is important to remember, however, that the purchase examination can only reveal the horse's condition on the date of the exam. While this information is very important in making a decision about whether or not to purchase a horse, it cannot guarantee future health or soundness.

Purchase exams can be tailored to reflect the intended use of the horse and to suit the objectives and budget of the buyer. For example, specialized in-depth examinations are required for breeding horses and high-level competition horses.

At NPEC, our Comprehensive Purchase Examination includes a complete physical exam, hoof tester and hoof structure exam of all four feet, palpation of limbs, assessment of temperament and conformation, exam at the walk and trot on the line, flexion tests, eye exam including fundic or retinal exam, performance exam and a written report. Further diagnostics such as radiography, ultrasonography and endoscopy, can be used to further assess the horse. (Endoscopy is only available in the clinic. We also prefer to do X-ray and ultrasound exams in the clinic when possible.) Laboratory tests such as complete blood counts, general health screens and drug screening may also be desirable.

Clients may choose to have a less comprehensive, less expensive, Limited Purchase Examination for lower risk purchases and/or lower-investment pleasure horses. The limited exam includes a complete physical examination, hoof tester exam of the front feet, palpation of limbs, selected flexion tests, limited assessment of temperament of conformation and exam at walk and trot on the line. While most clients choose one of these two examinations our veterinarians are happy to further customize your purchase examination to meet your needs.

Prior to making an appointment for your purchase examination, we ask that you complete our Prepurchase Exam Form (Word document), selecting the options you prefer. (Costs are included.) The information you provide on this form will help our office schedule your examination and our veterinarian be fully prepared for your appointment.


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