Natural and Artificial Breeding

Phantom stallion collection mount
adjacent to tease mare stall

Reproductive services offered by Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic include breeding soundness exams, diagnosis and treatment of infertility and other reproductive problems, uterine culture and cytology, uterine biopsy, reproductive ultrasound, estrus detection, heat cycle management, artificial insemination with fresh semen collected on premises, or with cooled shipped semen or frozen semen. We also will provide assistance with in-hand natural breeding if desired. Our clinic is set up with a tease mare stall and a phantom mount for safe stallion collection. Semen can be examined, prepared and shipped from NPEC.

We prefer that clients bring mares to the clinic for artificial insemination. In clinic mares can be optimally monitored and managed, and inseminations optimally timed at a cost savings to clients as compared with multiple farm call fees. NPEC has very comfortable, safe accommodations for broodmares in well-bedded 12 ft. x12 ft. box stalls in a dedicated broodmare section of the clinic. If your broodmare has a foal at her side, you will be pleased with the provisions at NPEC. Weather permitting, daily turnout is provided in a 125 ft. x 75 ft. arena with foal-safe fencing (4 line Flex Rail with top electric wire) or a 60 ft. diameter, 6 ft. high round pen. Mares are examined in a sturdy padded, floor-mounted set of stocks with their foal contained in an adjacent foal-size standing stall.

When selecting a sire to artificially breed to your mare, be sure to determine semen quality. Verify the stallion's age, condition and record of settling mares by AI, collection and shipping schedules, sperm longevity (number of days sperm is viable in shipping container), and that an experienced collector with a good reputation is preparing the semen for shipping and will include a semen report with the sample.

Once a mare is pregnant, we will advise and assist owners in providing an excellent prenatal care program including proper nutrition, preventive medicine, vaccinations, deworming and veterinary examinations.


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