Medical Services

Dr. Johnson running blood chemistry
analysis in our In-House Laboratory

If your horse becomes ill, we provide you with the option of medical treatment at your stable, or evaluation and treatment at our clinic where your horse will be closely supervised, monitored, and attended to, or referral to a full-service veterinary hospital if warranted. Upon arrival, your sick horse will be thoroughly examined and a diagnostic and treatment plan will be initiated. Your horse will then settle into one of our very comfortable, completely sanitized, isolation stalls and will receive intravenous fluid therapy with stall heating and closed circuit television monitoring if needed. A centrally-placed, revolving IV set up will allow your horse the freedom to move around the stall while receiving fluids. Foot baths, shoe covers, gloves and gowns are utilized until it can be determined that the sick horse is no longer infectious.

Our In-House Laboratory is equipped with a blood chemistry analyzer, microscopes, incubator and other equipment which enable doctors and technicians to monitor a patient's hydration and protein status, culture bacteria, do urinalyses and fecal examinations for parasites, foal antibody testing, examine smears, etc. and to properly prepare all specimens for referral laboratory testing when needed. Complete blood counts can be turned around in less than 24 hours and will soon be done in-house also.

At NPEC, we welcome such cases as medical colic cases, Potomac Horse Fever cases, eye problems that require frequent monitoring and treatments, which are often impossible for owners to carry out, and any other situation where we may aid in your horse's recovery.


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