NPEC Equine First Aid Kit

In response to the request of many horse owners, NPEC has put together a complete "ready to use" equine first aid kit. Our kit is a 16" x 11.5" x 9" plastic container with a snap on lid packed full of the equipment and supplies shown in the photos and listed below. Included are wound cleaning products, medications, bandages, instruments (such as stethoscope, large animal thermometer, forceps, etc.) and a "Trauma Kit" which is excellent for carrying on the trail or in the trailer. We have also included QuikClot packs (the same packs used by first responders, similar to those used in the military, but re-engineered to remain to cooler on contact) and a blood vessel clamp (hemostat) for horses with a heavy bleed as a result of an incident of one of our clients being able to save the life of their horse by using the QuikClot and a bandage around a deep wound to the throat.

We have shopped around to provide the items included in our kit at excellent prices. Items that we purchase from our veterinary distributors are highlighted in yellow and may be ordered in greater quantities for larger stables, for ongoing care, or as refills. We also offer a 10% quantity discounts on these products. As a complimentary service to our clients interested in purchasing the entire kit, we have shopped for you at bargain retail stores and included non-specific veterinary items such as antibacterial wipes, peroxide, mineral ice, flashlight etc. at cost. Prescription medications for first aid preparedness such as, Buscopan, Banamine and Bute may be purchased separately provided a veterinarian-client-patient relationship exists according to the law and that our instructions for appropriate and safe use of the medications are adhered to by the client. Please refer to Medications and Supplies page.

NPEC First Aid Kits can be sent to you by Fed Ex Ground. Shipping costs may be saved by calling ahead to ask for a delivery on your next farm visit or to pick up at the clinic.

If you are unsure as to how to use and apply the items in the kit, you are more than welcome to call us and we will schedule an appointment for a demonstration at our clinic or at your stable. Complimentary first aid demonstrations and NPEC Equine First Aid Kits on display will always be part of our Annual Open House.

Equine First Aid Kit Contents

ABD combine pads, 5"x 9" (x4) $1.60
Adhesive tape, 1" $4.05
Alcohol, 3 oz squirt bottle $1.30
Antibacterial wipes $1.05
Bag Balm, 10 oz $8.10
Bandage scissors $14.80
Betadine scrub, 8 oz $6.75
Betadine solution, 8 oz $6.50
Cold pack, instant $1.65
Cotton roll, 1/2 lb $4.00
Cotton swabs FREE
Duct tape $1.10
Exam gloves (x4) $0.40
Expandover bandage tape $7.00
Flashlight $8.00
Forceps, sterile $3.00
Gauze pads, 4"x 4" (x2 dozen) $1.00
Gauze roll bandage 3" , flexible (x4) $2.40
Gauze roll bandage 6", flexible (x6) $10.50
Hemastat, sterile $4.50
Mineral Ice, 1 lb $9.00
Oral dosing syringe 60 cc $2.00
Permanent marker $0.75
Peroxide, 16 oz $0.60
Privisan 7 oz. $11.00
QuikClot (x2) $20.00
Saline eye wash, 4 oz $3.30
Sterile gloves (x1 pair) $2.00
Stethoscope $7.00
Telfa pads, 3"x 4" (x4) $2.00
Terry cloths (x2) $1.00
Thermometer, case & clip $5.00
Trauma kit, incl. Latex surgical gloves, Gauze pads 4"x 4" (x10),
Betadine antibacterial 0.5 oz, Telfa dressing 4"x 8", Equiwrap bandage 14"x 45",
Co-flex cohesive 4"x 5 yds
Triple antibiotic ointment, 1 oz $7.50
Vaseline, 3.75 oz $2.00
Weight tapeFREE
Kit container, plastic w/ snap lock lid $7.60
Assembly $10.00
Total $197.95
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