Diagnosis and Treatment of Lameness

Hoof tester examination

Diagnosis and treatment of lameness begins with a good history and a physical examination of the musculoskeletal system of the horse, including palpation of the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. The lame horse is then observed at the walk and trot in-hand and on the lunge line and under saddle as needed. Flexion tests, regional nerve blocks and joint blocks are used to localize the lameness. The abnormal area is then imaged using our portable, conventional X-ray machine or ultrasound machine. If necessary for a specific diagnosis, patients can be referred for advanced imaging techniques such as MRI, CT scan or bone scan. Treatment plans for lameness offered may include rest, controlled exercise, physical therapy, massage therapy, corrective shoeing, local or systemic anti-inflammatory medications, joint supplements, therapeutic joint or tendon sheath injections, chiropractic, and or acupuncture. Our clinic has a macadam jogging pad, round pen and a 125 ft. x 75 ft. outdoor arena for evaluation of lameness. Lameness examinations are also done off premises and at local facilities with indoor arenas.

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Exam on the Line Flexion Test Exam Under Saddle


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