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Horse For Sale


welcome clients

Due to the passing of Dr. Johnson's mother, "Chanel" is available for sale to a good home. Chanel ia a healthy, sound, well build, 14 hand large pony, 1996 mare. She is blind in one eye and sometimes spooky. Not for a novice. $500.00

If interested, please email ejohnson@nep.net or call the office at 570-727-2868.


It's time again!!

welcome clients

Please present a copy of this coupon or mention that you would like our fall powerfloat special on your next visit between September 5th and November 17th to receive $15 EACH powerfloat!

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New & Returning Clients Welcome!

We are gladly accepting new patients and new clients! :)

welcome clients

Contact Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic (NPEC) by telephone or by email. We provide services by appointment and respond to Emergency Calls 24-7 here at our clinic in Thompson, PA and on ambulatory calls throughout the Southern Tier, NY and northeastern PA.

If we haven 't seen you in a while, we are very interested in hearing from you again and in your feedback. On this website is an on-line Client Satisfaction Survey available to all clients at any time (Client Satisfaction Survey). Dr Johnson also welcomes your phone call, email or personal visit to discuss your concerns and your needs.

Layover/Short Term Boarding

Traveling with Your Horse or Planning an End of Summer Vacation?... Come Board with Us!

NPEC is offering new layover boarding services for the traveling equestrian! We are newly listed on Horse Motels International. Of course we still offer our holiday/winter and short term boarding.

Daily care includes veterinary supervision (veterinarian on premises), stall care, hay, grain and turnout if desired. Additional care and professional services are also available. If you are planning an extended stay (over 2 weeks) we do offer a discounted rate.

Horse Motel


~ 10 stalls (12'x12' Box stall)
~ 12'x24' Foaling Stall
~ Heated and isolation stalls w/ IV fluids if necessary
~ Insulated water buckets
~ Straw/Shavings Bedding
~ Small Mesh Hay Nets
~ Heated Wash Stall
~ Office/lounge area


~ Paddocks
~ 75' x 125' Arena
~ 50' Roundpen
~ 4 Acre Pasture
~ Heated Water Troughs

Nearby Human Lodging: Mention Northeast PA Equine Clinic for a courtesy lodging discount!

Holiday Inn Express, Interstate 81 Exit 219, www.hiexpress.com/gibson Phone - 570-465-5544

Hadnagy's Mountain Hideaway, less than 1 mile away, www.mountainhideaway.net - Loft and 2 BR efficiency apartment, hot tub/amenities. Phone - 570-727-3441

The SpeakEasy Salon & Resort, 9207 Route 171 Union Dale, PA, Website Coming Soon! Newly-renovated rooms, lodge and restaurant. Phone - 570-679-2100

Please E-mail us at ejohnson@nep.net or call the clinic at (570) 727-2868

Expanding Small Animal Services

Limited Services Include...

small animal services

~ Minor medical & Surgical problems
~ Minor emergencies
~ Spays and Neuters
~ Limited lab work including Heartworm, Lyme, & Fecal exams for intestinal parasites
~ Vaccinations
~ Ear cleanings and Nail trims
~ Euthanasia - in clinic or at home

CALL US TODAY! (570)727-2868

New Stall-Side Test for Inflammation and Infection in Horses Now Available

StableLab Equine Blood Analyzer


Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic has recently acquired the StableLab Equine Blood Analyzer to aid in the early detection of inflammation and infection on the farm or in the clinic and for monitoring response to treatment of infectious diseases.

The StableLab hand held reader measures the level of a protein in the blood of horses called serum amyloid A (SAA). SAA increases very quickly (6 to 12 hours) following the onset of inflammation and infectious disease. This test gives veterinarians a more rapid and less expensive way to detect and differentiate inflammation, infectious and noninfectious diseases.

SAA levels also rapidly decrease upon resolution of the disease process, making it very useful in monitoring infected patients and in making proper isolation and proper biosecurity recommendations.

Compared with complete blood counts (CBC), white blood counts (WBC) or fibrinogen, SAA has been found to be a quicker, more reliable and less expensive test for inflammation or infection.

SAA levels are especially valuable in differentiating between IAD (Inflammatory Airway Disease) and infectious respiratory diseases and aids in differentiating viral respiratory infections like influenza, rhinopneumonitis and others from bacterial infections.

The SAA test is also an excellent test to aid in the diagnosis of joint infections in terms of accuracy and non-invasiveness and is much less costly than tapping and analyzing the joint fluid of suspected joints.

We are pleased and proud to continue to bring the benefits of new information and developments to our clients! Call anytime you think your horse may have an infection and we will be able to provide you with stall-side diagnostic information as needed.

Bringing New Knowledge From Equine Experts Across the U.S. Home to You

New News From Continuing Education Seminar 2017

hagyard hambletonian

Dr. Johnson travels to Lexington, Kentucky to participate in the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Symposium. A panel of nationally renowned specialists gave presentations and hosted interactive discussions on topics including:

Stallion Infertility and Management
Reproductive Problems in Mares
Abnormal Hormonal Mare Behavior
High Risk Pregnancies and Dystocias (Abnormal deliveries)
Newborn Foal Emergencies and Other Problems

In August, Dr. Johnson attended the 2017 Hambletonian Continuing Education Seminar in New Jersey. Presentations included the following topics and others.

Critical Care in the Field
Update on Tick-Borne Diseases
Recurring Colic-Current Research and Treatment Options
Non-ulcerative Disease of the Equine Cornea
Treatment/Rehabilitation of Equine Tendonitis and Suspensory Ligament Desmitis

Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic continues its tradition of ongoing learning and teaching to benefit horses and their owners! Please call us with your questions and for your needs.


Test Your Knowledge of PHF


Summer and fall is the season for the serious infectious disease Potomac Horse Fever (PHF). At Cornell University, the Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory is confirming cases in New York and Pennsylvania and the Large Animal Clinic has recently seen a number of serious cases.

Be on the lookout and call us immediately if your horse goes off feed, has a decrease in appetite or just doesn't act well. Take your horse's temperature, but remember that fever is not always a consistent feature of this disease. Diarrhea is usually but not always present, especially at the onset of the disease.

Horrible laminitis sometimes necessitating euthanasia can result from PHF and the disease can also be fatal. With early and proactive treatment, our success rate in treating cases of PHF here at Northeast PA Equine Clinic is very good.

Check your knowledge about PHF (Courtesy of Merial Inc.)Click Here.

Concerned About Your Horses Contracting Lyme Disease?

Have you found ticks on your horses? Are you aware of Lyme disease in your area in dogs or horses?

Lyme Diease Deer Ticks

If you would like information concerning vaccinating horses for Lyme disease and other measures to decrease the risk of Lyme disease, please send us an email at ejohnson@nep.net

Please consider taking advantage of our vaccination services.

>> You may be under or over vaccinating your horses. Our doctors can guide you as to which diseases your individual horses are at risk for and can help you correctly prioritize which vaccines to give, especially when finances are limiting.

>> Our veterinarians are fully prepared to deal with any adverse vaccine reactions.

>> The vaccinations we use are of the highest quality and always stored properly. We stand behind any vaccinations administered by our practice. This is not the case with on-line purchased vaccinations.

>> Proof of vaccination can only be issued by licensed and accredited veterinarians. This is especially important with rabies. If your horse has been exposed to rabies and has potentially exposed humans or domestic animals to the disease, your horse will be quarantined up to 6 months and may be sacrificed for laboratory examination of the brain.

>> When veterinarians see their patients for vaccinations, they get an excellent baseline of what is normal for that animal and very often can find health problems and risky situations before they are known to the owner. Preventive medicine is best for your horse and when individually tailored, saves you money in the long run! This appointment can also be a good time to get professional, thorough sheath cleanings for your geldings, body and condition scoring and answers to questions you may have.

Have You Heard of EQUI-TAPING?


The New Way You Can Help Your Horse

"Equi-Tape is the first kinesiology tape designed specifically for the equine. It is an elastic cotton 2-way stretch tape technology containing advanced adhesive properties for ease of application, removal and placement longevity. The effect of Equi-Tape is based on its ability to interact with the skin and associated neurosensory and mechanoreceptors. Elastic kinesiology Equi-Tape does not compress the tissue as does other types of tapes and taping methods. Its design characteristics and associated application techniques, decompress tissue thereby allowing for increased circulation. This lifting principle behind the decompression also influences and thereby impacts how pain receptors respond to the messages associated with swelling and or inflammation."

Taping Can:

> Increase Circulation
> Reduce Inflammation
> Reduce Swelling & Edema
> Decrease Muscle Spasms
> Provide Joint & Muscle Support and Stability
> Improve Performance After Trailering
> Support Full Range of Motion
> Shorten Recovery Time
> Improve Performance

Dr. Johnson has attended a training and practicum course in New Jersey recently and is working to obtain her certification to be a world class Equi-Tape practitioner. As part of her certification, Dr. Johnson will be submitting 5 cases with pictures.

If you think your horse might benefit from Equi-Taping for rehabilitation, prevention or training purposes, please contact us so we can discuss this further with you!

Trailering Services

More Responders Needed

We are looking for more responders willing to rent their trailer or provide trailering services to our clinic or to Cornell or Univeristy of PA in case of emergency or as necessary! If interested, please complete our Reply Form or call our office.