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Our Goals

Dr. Johnson and her associates at NPEC are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing quality veterinary care for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, and to serving the needs of their owners, with keen attentiveness, respect and empathy. Clients are treated with the highest integrity and given guidance with medical decision making to stay within their budget and are given cost-effective treatment.

Veterinarians, staff members and other professionals, family, friends and volunteers, all who are truly interested in the welfare of the horse, come together here and contribute their knowledge, wisdom, talents and hard work with heart!

The atmosphere of this clinic is very positive, peaceful and orderly, conducive to good health. Taking care of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules is considered a privilege here, and every equine patient is always treated with respect and understanding.

Our Clinic

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NPEC Stalls Surgery Surgical Prep Area Isolation Wash Stall

Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic (NPEC) has a newly renovated, 5,280 square foot, dedicated equine intermediate level care facility located in Thompson, PA. Within our clinic facility, we can now provide more care than can be delivered at the owner's premises such as the treatment and monitoring of medical colics and other illnesses such as Potomac Horse Fever which require IV fluid therapy, and provide surgery in a sanitary, safe operating room, post-operative care, wound care, treatment of eye injuries and diseases, etc. Our facility has also enabled us to expand our natural and artificial breeding services and offer digital endoscopy and lay up care. Clients are also welcome to bring their horses, ponies, donkeys or mules for any of the veterinary services that are offered in the field.

In-clinic patients are housed in one of our ten, comfortable 12' x 12' box stalls or 12' x 24' foaling stall, and receive appropriate care and feeding and individual turn out. NPEC features include: 12' x 24' treatment area with a floor-mounted, padded, heavy-duty steel set of stocks; a heated 12' x 24' surgical suite with hydraulic surgery table, stationary hoist, padded walls and shock-absorbing flooring; heated intensive care stall with IV set up; closed circuit television monitors; two isolation stalls for horses with infectious diseases with impermeable, sanitary flooring and wall coverings, one heated and set up for IV therapy; in-house laboratory; heated wash stall; office/lounge suitable for overnight observation of patients; stallion semen collection mount; outdoor performance evaluation arena; macadam jogging pad; round pen and turnout paddocks.

The services that NPEC staff and our affiliated specialists provide are described in detail in the Services Section.

Our Veterinarian

Dr. Ellen L. Johnson, Veterinarian, N.P.E.C. Owner/Director

Dr Johnson has practiced equine veterinary medicine since graduating from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. In 1985, Dr. Johnson opened and developed Equine Veterinary Services, a large, well-regarded ambulatory practice serving the Southern Tier, New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania. In order to provide a wider range of services for horses and their owners, Dr. Johnson established Northeast Pennsylvania Equine Clinic in 2010.

Prior to veterinary college, Dr. Johnson had 13 years experience with the care, riding, training and showing of horses. In 4-H, she received the New York State Horse Program Award as well as the highest state awards in hunt seat equitation and fitting and showmanship. Dr. Johnson earned her bachelor's degree in Animal Science at Cornell University, where she was a member of the Cornell Equestrian Team and Cornell Horse Judging Team, and a Teaching Assistant for Animal Science and for Horse Science. She also published research in the field of equine behavior.

Dr. Johnson loves horses and is extremely dedicated to service and continuing education. As a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and American Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Johnson attends multiple educational conferences every year. This professional has an interest in all aspects of equine general practice and is passionate about helping animals and people and to bringing honor to God through her service as a veterinarian.

NPEC Staff

Laura Welsted, C.V.T (Certified Veterinary Technician)

Laura Welsted

Laura has had a passion for horses since her early childhood and in many contexts, she has been a keen student of horses her entire life. Laura has been schooled in hunt seat riding and training level dressage and has owned, cared for and enjoyed riding her first horse, a Tennessee Walker mare and later, a Thoroughbred gelding. She has worked and cared for horses At Rockin CJ Stables for over a three year period. Laura recently graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Johnson College in Scranton, PA.. In August of 2017, Laura completed and passed her national board exam (the Veterinary Technician National Exam) to obtain her license in Veterinary Technology!

We are very fortunate to have Laura currently working at NPEC! Horses respond very well to Laura. She has a calming and confidence-building effect on all types of equines and it is truly beautiful to watch the nonverbal communication between Laura and her patients. Laura assists with all diagnostics, medical, surgical and dental procedures, and is especially skilled with venipuncture, administering injections and intravenous anesthesia and with assisting delivering foals and neonatal care, her favorite specialty. Laura is also a great asset to our practice in the office where she manages a highly efficient Coggins and Health and Vaccination Certificate service, electronic communications and also assists with telephone communications and scheduling. Clients find Laura extremely helpful and concerned about their needs and the needs of their horses.

About her daughter Laura, Dr. Johnson says, "I am very blessed and proud when I have Laura by my side! Time after time, in emergency, stressful and dangerous situations, Laura has provided exactly the help and support that was needed by me, the patient and the horse owner."

Percy Jennings, Clinic Caretaker

Percy with foal

Percy is a life-long resident of Harford, PA, where she grew up on a dairy farm with draft horses. Percy got her first horse, a two year-old Arab cross, when she was in the second grade and had up to seven Appaloosas while growing up. After high school, Percy worked on an Appaloosa farm for 19 years, caring for and training horses and assisting with breeding and foaling along with doing farm work. Percy worked at Stony Ridge Farm in Forest Lake, PA, an Arabian and National Show Horse show, breeding, and boarding facility for the next 20 years. Percy continued at the farm for the next 5 years when it became the show/boarding stable, Scottfield Morgans.

Dr. Johnson met Percy at Stony Ridge Farm in 1985 and has been impressed with her ever since. Percy is a horse woman in the best sense of the word. She is extremely observant and understanding of the needs and psyche of the horse. For the 26 years that Dr. Johnson took care of the veterinary needs of the horses at Stony Ridge Farm, Percy was an invaluable asset in providing detailed medical histories. Says Dr. Johnson, "I could always count on Percy to follow through with aftercare treatment instructions exactly as prescribed and many times observed her serving above and beyond the call of duty, even sleeping overnight with colicky horses on her own volition. NPEC is very fortunate to add her gifts and skills with horses and her devotion to our team!"


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